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I am a daughter, sister, auntie, wife to my Mooster (aka: MOOSE) and most important!  MOTHER OF THREE!

...to Zachary, Marley and Calleigh.

I am a Bicentennial Baby, born on the 4th of July! I am a passionately patriotic firecracker and love to help and inspire people to attain a healthier and happier lifestyle!

I am a:

* Professional Photographer 

I have a passion for shooting life in the raw! www.PanzieraPreservations.com 

* Education Consultant and Educator,

-currently teaching 1st GRADE! (A workout within itself!  ; )  #FabulousFirstGrade  

Last year I taught Kindergarten#MyKinderLife

Health and Fitness Coach!

I started my Fit Journey on January 9th, 2012 after being blessed with three children, living a non-stop crazy-busy life and not making my health a PRIORITY. 

Becoming a Healthy and Fitness Coach has been one of the best decisions of my life! Making my personal health a priority has allowed me to be a better wife and mother.  

I lost over 50 pounds using safe, healthy and natural products.   My tools are my body,  Shakeology,  Team Beach Body workout programs, smart-balanced eating and a POSITIVE, NEVER-GIVE-UP ATTITUDE!  ; )

**REALITY CHECK! Since going back in the classroom August of 2015 and teaching full time.  I have slowly gained back much of what I lost due to STRESS, emotional over eating and lack of working out and taking care of myself.  ; (  I am SPRINGING back into ACTION and taking charge of my health and life. 

Let the journey continue!

I can do this!   YOU CAN DO THIS!  

Let's do this together!   I am here to help!!

                            -Coach Firecracker




I believe in a unique and customized coaching experience for each and every challenger!  - It's ALL ABOUT you!

Pure Hearted Foodie brings you feel good balanced fitness and delicious heaLthy satisfying recipes.


Pure Hearted Foodie

Each person and situation is unique.  BUT WE ALL WANT ONE THING! TO BE HEALTHY, HAPPY AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES!  ; ) We can achieve living our BEST LIFE by eating and cooking with satisfying delicious recipes, staying fit and feeling proud!

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