#SundayBlessings.... a day set aside to reflect, focus on your blessings, enjoy family and refocus for the week ahead.
As many of you know I struggle daily with my #PureHeartedFoodie cravings and desires! I #LiveToEat.. plain and simple. When I lost my stubborn 50 pounds through daily balanced clean eating with superfood Shakeology nutrition and exercising I felt A-MAZ-ING!
I did not miss a day of working out and it felt good! (it was not easy... but I MADE IT HAPPEN)
I have to repeat... I FELT GOOD! Emotionally, physically, spiritually.... My clothes fit perfect every was fun and not depressing. I slept better, I was able to inspire and reach more people too.. because I was not ashamed (feel like a hypocrite) of my daily eating or lack of exercise.
BUT REALITY IS that LIFE HAPPENS! everyone struggles... everyone has to battle the ins and outs of life and it's roller coaster ride ....and we have to own our day no matter what comes our way.
My balance was thrown off this past year, we moved, I went back in the classroom full time (taking on over 20 other students and their life issues, like all teachers do), my husband made a major career change, we were fixing up our rental and paying two mortgages with no return and were helping family members deal with their life changes as well.... AND all our busy mom and dad activities, requirements, responsibilities did not stop... we were/are blessed for sure... but needless to say I gained weight, lost my workout routine, and went in survival mode - stress is no joke!
I am trying to regain my balance and work on time management (always). I am trying to get back into my exercise routine and gain back my core strength, heal my slipped disk in my lower back (which happened due to a weak core I am sure!) and


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